마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어 1.12.3 MOD APK No Ads Premium Latest Full Version Free Download

Description of 마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어

Really you looking for 마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어 1.12.3 MOD? This site displays the recommendation you need.
마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어 is an Android apps that conduct yourself benefits your conduct yourself in unmemorable life. simple way, just download 마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어 1.12.3 MOD other Version later install this application later you can use it.

마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어 1.12.3 MOD APK No Ads Premium Full Version

Aren’t smartphones only incredible? There’s very little restrict to what your Android telephone may achieve. From the top Android flagships to the very best budget devices, several taps is that is needed seriously to obtain takeout, view live media, or hail a cab. If you’re looking to get really advanced, you may also call persons too.
– 1.12.3 MOD APK No Ads Premium Latest Full Version Free Download
But lots of these functions don’t come pre-loaded, so to get the absolute most from your telephone you’re planning to need apps. But which applications should you select? You will find countless great applications to pick from on the Google Play Store, and determining which to acquire and deploy on your own Android telephone or tablet can be quite a complicated task. Thankfully, we’re here to help with a tantalizing menu that includes a great core of applications every one should find useful, with several lesser-known applications that you should decide to try out. You will discover 100 applications in most, perfectly divided into different classes for your consideration.
If you’re an iPhone sweetheart alternatively, then have a look at our record of the finest iOS applications alternatively, and if you’re more into gambling, have a look at our record of the finest Android games.

마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어 No Adsed Latest Version Free Download

Here you go along with gentlemen. This crème de l.a . crème. This Android apps that stand alone towards the top of this pantheon. Most of these apps became all-pervasive with Android and also if you want positive things it’s deemed that you have got some of these matters already. There is a great deal of amazing Android apps out there there. Nonetheless, their particular practical use is often restricted to this behavior of people applying them. Most of these apps need not have got individuals problems. Everyone can make use of these. Without having further hold off, below are the most effective Android apps on the market! That isn’t some sort of diamond-in-the-rough sort of list. You’ll want to be somewhat recognizable with all of these.

마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어 1.12.3 MOD APK Premium Latest Version Free Download

Typically the Google and bing Have fun with save is made up of beyond 2.9 k apps. Numerous seem to be efforts whilst others are really the duds. Drop the idea of looking to determine they all with your own. We’ve harvested out of the 100 preferred apps pertaining to your Android phone, up to date by means of your extensive good reputation for since the platform.
The set of the most useful apps might be tidy in to 14 types, including beats, productivity, security measures, and tools, so it’s no problem finding the kind of apps you’re looking for. Every one app label furthermore connections to Google and bing Have fun with page. Note that we do not incorporate all matches during this roundup: For the, take a look at your independent directory the preferred Android games.
If here is your own very first time by using an Android piece of equipment, 100 apps is likely to be overwhelming. Look into your number of 10 must-have Android apps in lieu, to pay your basics. If a pocket might be perception slightly lightweight, know that many of the synonyms in both directories seem to be free.
After we decide apps to include in your roundups, we live when homeowners who generally excel in a few regions: element and design. A new purposeful app might be choose to specific inside the characteristics or maybe just increases results compared with others. Apps through amazing style certainly are a delight to help you use. Since Android 10 can be used, most of us have a preference for apps that seem to be at your home using this modernized OS, though nearly everybody aren’t able to (yet) make brand new version.
All app out there down below is superb inside the possess way. Undertaken at the same time, your set is definitely a picture of this Google and bing Have fun with Shop’s preferred apps when writing.
스마트폰이나 웹하드에 저장되어 있는 텍스트 파일이나 만화 파일, 압축파일, PDF, epub파일을 열어서 마치 책처럼 볼 수 있게 해주는 앱입니다.

※ 기본적으로 컨텐츠(소설/만화 파일)을 제공하지 않습니다.
※ 구글플레이 프로텍트 인증 기기만 지원합니다.

주요기능은 다음과 같습니다.

1. 텍스트뷰어

– txt, csv, smi, sub, srt지원
– epub 지원(텍스트와 그림 표시)
– 압축된 텍스트 열기(zip, rar, 7z) : 압축풀지 않고 바로 열기
– 글꼴(붓글씨/명조) 변경, 크기/줄간격/여백 조정
– 문자 인코딩 수정(자동/EUC-KR/UTF-8,…)
– 글자색/배경색 변경
– 페이지 넘기기 방법 : 화살표/화면탭/화면드래그/음량버튼
– 넘기기 효과(애니메이션) : 말아넘기기,슬라이드,밀어내기,상하스크롤
– 빠른탐색 : 탐색바,다이얼,페이지입력
– 책갈피 추가/이름변경/정렬/조회
– 읽어주기 : 언어선택, 속도조절, 특수문자/한자 제외 옵션
– 슬라이드 쇼 지원 : 속도 조절
※ 유료버전에서 백그라운드 실행 가능
– 텍스트 검색 : 하나씩, 모두검색
– 텍스트 편집 : 수정, 새파일 추가
– 텍스트 정렬 : 왼쪽, 양쪽 배분, 가로 2장보기
– 문장정리, 파일 나누기(파일명 길게 탭)

2. 만화뷰어

– jpg, png, gif, bmp, zip, rar, 7z, cbz, cbr, cb7, pdf 파일 지원
– 압축된 그림 열기(zip, rar, 7z) : 압축풀지 않고 바로 열기
– 이중압축 지원
– pdf 지원 : 8배까지 확대션 및 확대시 선명 옵션
– 좌우 순서/나누기 : 왼쪽 -> 오른쪽, 오른쪽->왼쪽(일본식), 가로2장보기
– 확대/축소/돋보기(애니메이션 미사용시)
– 페이지 넘기기 방법 : 화살표/화면탭/화면드래그/음량버튼
– 넘기기 효과(애니메이션) : 좌우스크롤, 상하스크롤, 웹툰스크롤
※ 웹툰스크롤은 매우 긴그림을 부드럽게 스크롤 가능
– 빠른탐색 : 탐색바,다이얼,페이지입력
– 책갈피 추가/이름변경/정렬/조회
– 슬라이드쇼 지원 : 초단위로 설정
– 그림 확대 유지
– 움직이는 gif 지원

3. 파일기능

– 열람 정보 색표시 : 빨강(최근), 녹색(일부 열람), 파랑(완독)
– 미리보기 : 타일형(크게,작게), 자세히보기
– 파일 확장자 선택
– 정렬 : 이름,크기,날짜
– 삭제(다중)
– 이름바꾸기
– 검색 : 이름,내용,그림

4. 기타

– 테마/색상 지원
– 언어 선택 지원 ( 한국어, 중국어, 일본어, 영어 )
– FTP(file transport protocol) 지원
– SFTP(secure file transport protocol) 지원
– SMB(윈도우 공유폴더,Samba) 지원
– Google Drive 지원
– Dropbox 지원
– 비밀번호 잠금
– 노트9이상 spen 지원 : 페이지 넘기기, 슬라이드쇼 일시정지
– 해드셋 버튼 지원 : 슬라이드쇼 일시정지
– 설정 백업/복구(마루,마루뷰어,아라 호환)
– 바로가기 관리기능(예:네이버NDrive 앱바로가기 추가/삭제)

– 파일읽기/쓰기(필수) : 내용을 읽거나 파일 수정/삭제
개발자 연락처 :
연구소 연락처 050-4866-3509
It is an app that allows you to open text files, cartoon files, compressed files, PDFs, epub files stored on your smartphone or web hard and look like a book.

※ We do not provide content (fiction / cartoon files) by default.
※ Only Google Play Protect certified devices are supported.

The main functions are as follows.

1. Text Viewer

  -txt, csv, smi, sub, srt
  -epub support (text and picture display)
  Open compressed text (zip, rar, 7z)
  -Change font (calligraphic / myeongjo), adjust size / line spacing / margin
  -Character Encoding Correction (Auto / EUC-KR / UTF-8, …)
  -Change font color / background color
  -Page turn: Arrow / Screen tab / Screen drag / Volume button
  -Flip effect (animation): roll, slide, push, scroll up and down
  -Quick search: navigation bar, dial, page input
  -Add / Rename / Sort / View Bookmarks
  -Read: language selection, speed control, special characters / kanji exclusion options
  -Slide show support: speed control
    ※ Background can be executed in paid version
  -Text Search: Search all, one by one
  -Edit text: Edit, add new file
  -Text alignment: left, left justification, 2 horizontal views
  -Organize sentences, divide files (tap and hold the file name)

2. Comic Viewer

  -Support jpg, png, gif, bmp, zip, rar, 7z, cbz, cbr, cb7, pdf file
  -Open compressed picture (zip, rar, 7z): Open immediately without extracting
  -Dual compression support
  -pdf support: 8x magnification and sharpening option
  -Left / Right order / divide: Left-> Right, Right-> Left (Japanese), 2 horizontal views
  -Zoom in / out (when not using animation)
  -Page turn: Arrow / Screen tab / Screen drag / Volume button
  -Flipping effect (animation): left and right scroll, vertical scroll, webtoon scroll
   ※ Webtoon Scroll allows you to scroll very long pictures smoothly.
  -Quick search: navigation bar, dial, page input
  -Add / Rename / Sort / View Bookmarks
  -Slideshow support: set by second
  -Keep drawing magnified
  -Animated gif support

3. File function

  -Color information of reading information: Red (Recent), Green (Some reading), Blue (Reading)
  -Preview: Tile type (Large, Small), Detail
  -Choose file extension
  -Sort: Name, Size, Date
  -Delete (multiple)
  -Search: name, content, picture

4. Other

  -Theme / Color Support
  -Language selection support (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English)
  -FTP (file transport protocol) support
  -SFTP (secure file transport protocol) support
  -SMB (Windows shared folder, Samba) support
  -Google Drive support
  -Dropbox support
  -Password lock
  -Spen support for note 9 and higher: page flip, pause slideshow
  -Headset button support: Pause slideshow
  -Backup / Restore settings (compatible with floor, floor viewer, Ara)
  -Shortcut management function (e.g. add / delete Naver NDrive app shortcut)

Authority Information
-Read / Write File (Required): Read contents or modify / delete file
– 텍스트 검색창 고정 옵션 추가
– 블랙 네비게이션바 옵션 추가(메뉴-언어/테마)
– 기타 UI 개선 및 버그수정

마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어 1.12.3 MOD APK Premium Latest Version Free Download

The Google Play keep no further plays 2nd mess to iOS. More than 1 million applications can be found for you really to acquire onto your Android system, covering everything from output boosters to applications that turn your telephone in to a portable activity studio.
With so several applications to form through, obtaining those deserve a place on your own Android telephone can be quite a challenge. That is wherever we come in. We’ve been through Google Play to get top Android applications across a wide variety of categories. Whether you intend to fill up a new Android telephone with applications or simply check out something new just like a output application, fitness tracker or web browser, check out the best Android applications you may have overlooked. (And if you’re looking for top first-person photographers, puzzlers and arcade-style throwbacks, have a look at our selections for the best Android games.

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App Name
App Version
: 마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어
: 1.12.3
: Android 4.0+
: 100,000+
: neo.maru
: Comics

마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어 1.12.3 screenshots 1마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어 1.12.3 screenshots 2마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어 1.12.3 screenshots 3

App Information of 마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어

App Name 마루뷰어-만화뷰어,텍스트뷰어,스캔뷰어,소설뷰어
Package Name neo.maru
Version 1.12.3
Rating ( 4417 )
Size 10.9 MB
Requirement Android 4.0+
Updated 2020-03-11
Installs 100,000+
Category Apps, Comics

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