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NewKarma WordPress Themes is a especial wordpress Theme websites, intelligence or intelligence magazine. The main Features of Ajax interplanetary space navigation, Fast loading magazine theme, Widget amongst dissimilar styles, Unlimited color inwards all of the element, together with many to a greater extent than …

Why buddy should purchase this theme?
Lots of cool features that back upward PAL to construct a intelligence website.

High CTR Ads Place

More than ix house ads, floating ads starting from the left, right, bottom, until the ads inwards the middle of a paragraph tin sack maximize the clicks on the ads PAL.

Simple Anti Adblock

There are likewise anti-adblock, if whatever visitor who purpose adblock it volition popular upward a notification to disable adblock overlay, together with the visitor cannot run into the site earlier disabling it.

Supports four Menu

Available four navigation menu, starting from the locomote on navigation to copyright.

Ajax slider together with Tabs

Sliders together with tabs widgets using ajax, together with thence trim back the fourth dimension loading website PAL without having to throw a cool look.

Support iii related posts

Buddy tin sack purpose iii related posts at once, ranging from tags, categories together with topics. All PAL set. One of the related already interplanetary space scroll support.

Infinite Scroll Support

Great intelligence wordpress theme similar other, this theme has been interplanetary space scroll support.

Fixed scroll locomote on banner together with navigation, sidebar

The await of the spider web intelligence is getting interactive amongst a fixed locomote on navigation, banners, together with on the sidebar.

Beautiful post service divide Navigation
Beautiful navigation together with display of banners amid the post service navigation. Beautiful together with for certain mengunguntungkan.

Social Share float inwards Single

There is a push on the floating portion unmarried that allowed intelligence increasingly viral.

Facebook Comments

When buddy makes viral intelligence focus on facebook, it would endure prissy if the buddy is using a facebook comment. This theme has been a back upward comment facebook.

Unlimited Color

You tin sack alter all the colors that are on the majalahpro theme, starting from the locomote on navigation to copyright, simply past times using a customizer.

600 + Google Fonts

There are 600 google fonts to a greater extent than PAL purpose to alter the letters on the website, every bit good every bit font size tin sack likewise alter PAL.

FB Pixel together with Google Analytics

Options are available to comprise facebook pixel id together with google analytics code. This you lot tin sack purpose to menganalisi your visitors together with for the FB ads you.

One Click updates together with Import

This characteristic makes it slowly to create highly usable PAL update together with import exhibit data, solely 1 click theme buddy updates without having to bother to download together with upload.

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