SEOPress PRO v3.7.1 WordPress Plugin Free Download

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Free Download SEOPress PRO v3.7.1 WordPress Plugin

SEOPress is an amazing module to advance your SEO, support your traffic, improve social sharing, form custom HTML and XML Sitemaps, make enhanced breadcrumbs, include outlines/Google Structured information types, oversee redirections 301 thus significantly more.

No promoting, no impressions, white mark, in backend AND frontend

Content investigation to enable you to compose internet searcher upgraded content

Import your post and term metadatas from different modules in 1 snap

Free Download SEOPress PRO v3.7.1 WordPress Plugin


  • Establishment wizard to rapidly arrangement your site 
  • Titles (with dyanmic factors: custom fields, terms taxonomie… ) 
  • Meta portrayals (with dynamic factors as well) 
  • Open Graph Data 
  • Google Knowledge Graph 
  • Google Analytics with downloads following, custom measurements, ip anonymization, remarketing, socioeconomics and enthusiasm detailing, cross-space following… (GDPR similarity) 
  • Twitter Card 
  • Authoritative URL 
  • Meta robots (noindex, nofollow, noodp, noimageindex, noarchive, nosnippet) 
  • Assemble your custom XML Sitemap to improve search ordering. 
  • Picture XML Sitemaps to improve quest ordering for Google Images. 
  • Fabricate your custom HTML Sitemap to upgraded route for guests and improve search ordering. 
  • Connection your web based life records to your webpage. 
  • Redirections in post, pages, custom post types 
  • Expel stop words (english, french, spanish, german, italian, portuguese, swedish) 
  • Expel/class/in URLs 
  • Expel ?replytocom to keep away from copy content 
  • Divert connection pages to post parent 
  • Import/Export settings from site to site. 
  • Import posts and terms metadata from Yoast SEO 
  • W3C check 
  • Content investigation 


  • Import metadatas (titles, open diagram, robots… ) from CSV document 
  • Video XML Sitemap 
  • Google Suggestions in Content Analysis 
  • Google Structured Data types ( article, neighborhood business, FAQ, course, formula, video, occasion, item, work, straightforward audit 
  • Programmed Schemas 
  • Breadcrumbs upgraded with, A11Y prepared 
  • Google Analytics Stats in Dashboard 
  • Google Local Business 
  • Backlinks (required a Majestic paid record) 
  • SEOPress BOT: examine every one of your connections in substance to discover blunders (eg: 404… ) 
  • WooCommerce: debilitate creeping on truck page, checkout page, client record pages, include OG Price/OG Currency for better sharing and then some 
  • Simple Digital Downloads: include OG Price/OG Currency, expel EDD meta generator 
  • Dublin Core 
  • Custom Breadcrumbs for single post types 
  • Google Page Speed 
  • Google Analytics Events: track outer connections, downloads (PDF, DOCX… ), offshoot joins… 
  • Robots.txt 
  • Google News Sitemap 
  • 404 Monitoring 
  • Divert 404 to landing page/custom url consequently with custom status code (301, 302, 307, 410 or 451) 
  • Email warnings on 404 
  • 301, 302 and 307 Redirections 
  • Import redirections utilizing CSV 
  • Import redirections from Redirections module (by means of a JSON document) 
  • htaccess 
  • RSS

Free Download SEOPress PRO v3.7.1 WordPress Plugin

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