Download 알바천국- 알바 구인구직 포털서비스 5.1.05 APK

Download 알바천국- 알바 구인구직 포털서비스 5.1.05 APK

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Free Download 알바천국- 알바 구인구직 포털서비스 5.1.05 APK

Most useful Adroid Cellular Apps For Organization
While using growth of technological know-how and also possibly this expanding achieve from the world-wide-web, businesses are discovering it hard to cope with this grievances connected with their throughout real-time, and also meet their own magnificent expectations. It really is crucial for organizations to give premium quality providers within a fast recovery time frame; multi-tasking connected with operations will be the best choice, and also portable apps tend to be assisting business enterprise carry out that.
Together with app progression businesses providing personalized items, organizations may now provide better translates into a really successful manner. Together with tons of android business enterprise programs available in the participate in retailer, business people tend to be spoilt for decision, and find confused choosing which in turn app will suit their own business enterprise needs. To unravel the following doubtfulness we certainly have gathered a directory of business enterprise android apps which can be utilized by organizations with regard to their daily operations.
Small business apps tend to be a difficult subject. There are many connected with specifics in order to consider. Which may include team sizing, business enterprise sizing, how well this app guitar scales in order to desire, and also tons of various other stuff. Some apps are great for enormous organizations while others be more responsible for companies individually. Some businesses are continually in the market for far better products while others decide to help make their very own solutions. There are some fantastic all-around selections, nevertheless, and that we imagine we have located them. Listed here work best business enterprise apps for Android! These apps perform great for lesser or mid-sized businesses. Larger sized organizations likely need more personalized enterprise methods and that’s an entirely unique conversation.
Apps aren’t simply for sociable marketing and also gambling anymore. Small business people, the self employed and also side-hustlers make use of business-ready apps in order to remain organized, productive and also connected. We examined a few of the best start up company apps on the market, along with some of our older preferred, in order to give you healthy Android apps for work.
Cell phone technological know-how is beginning to change the way we most perform – and also now it is correctly feasible to deal with organizations, consider installments and in some cases keep command over statements immediate coming from a smartphone.
Nonetheless which in turn apps carry out organizations believe in by far the most? We expected many powerful English SMEs with regard to their tips.
Your small business is exclusively just like software program what is the best the item runs. Sadly, there are numerous resources from which to choose the fact that buying process can be quite daunting. This runs specifically true for picking portable programs, a few of which tend to be fundamentally saddled with pc software. Sadly, you are unable to disregard the following pressing need. Your small business won’t only train on your pc, in a business office, for monday to friday, out of 9-5. Your company is your 24/7 business and also it needs to be handled while such. Cell phone programs assist you to perform because of this mentality.
Fortunately, we have set the following checklist with each other that may help you pick the best portable apps for the business. This checklist protects many methods from hr (HR) in order to details supervision in order to communication. It can be certainly not comprehensive; new portable apps start every day useful to improve operations. However, it’s chock 100 % of the finest resources we have examined in our labs. Delighted hunting.
알바천국 모바일 앱에서 맞춤알바, 지역별 알바, 업종별알바, 단기 알바, 브랜드 알바, 알바맵 등 다양한 알바정보를 확인하세요!

★ 알바맵과 알바ForU로 한층 더 강력해진! 알바천국앱★

[알바천국앱 주요기능]

1. 알바천국 홈

필요한 정보만 모아 제공합니다
– 홈에서 지역설정 가능
– 맞춤알바 확인 가능

2. 채용정보

알바천국의 전체 채용정보 제공
– 각 카테고리별 그룹핑된 메뉴구성
– 지역별부터 맞춤알바까지 다양한 채용정보 제공

3. 인재정보

사장님들도 모바일에서 인재를 확인하여 채용할 수 있도록 인재정보 메뉴 제공

4. 알바 ForU

오직 나만을 위한 공고 추천!
나의 성향을 분석하여, 나에게 딱 맞는 채용공고를 추천해드립니다.

5. 알바스토리

알바생끼리 공감도 나누고! 친구도 찾고! 고민상담도 할 수 있는 모바일 커뮤니티 서비스
– 알바하고 싶은 곳의 리뷰를 확인할 수 있는 알바천국만의 알바리뷰 서비스

6. 회원서비스

개인정보부터 지원현황, 스크랩, 이력서 정보를 한눈에
기업정보부터 공고관리, 지원자관리, 이력서열람 현황을 한눈에

7. 이력서등록

모바일에 최적화되어 더 편리해진 이력서 등록

8. 공고등록

모바일에 최적화되어 더 편리해진 공고 등록

9. 회원가입

아이디가입부터 소셜간편가입까지, 개인회원부터 기업회원까지
누구나 알바천국 회원이 될 수 있습니다.

★ 2018.03 ‘2018 한국산업의 브랜드파워 (K-BP) 1위 선정
★ 2018.02 ‘2018 행복더함 사회공헌대상’ (6년 연속)
★ 2018.01 고용서비스 우수기관 인증 (2018년~2020년)
2018 고객감동경영대상 (5년 연속)
2018 소비자가 뽑은 가장 신뢰하는 브랜드 대상 (7년 연속)
★ 2017.12 스마트앱어워드 2017 대상
제 14회 웹어어드 코리아 최우수상
서울영상광고제 2017 동상
★ 2017.09 ‘2017 대한민국 소비자신뢰 대표브랜드 대상'(7년 연속)
‘2017 올해의 브랜드 대상'(5년 연속)
★ 2017.07 ‘인터넷에코어워드 2017 대상’
★ 2017.02 ‘2017 행복더함 사회공헌대상'(5년 연속)
★ 2017.01 ‘2017 소비자가 뽑은 가장 신뢰하는 브랜드 대상'(6년 연속)
★ 2016.12 2016 ‘대한민국 일하기 좋은 100대 기업’ 선정
★ 2016.11 2016 한국PR대상 이미지PR부문 ‘최우수상’ 수상
★ 2016.11 앱 어워드 코리아 ‘올해의 앱’ (4년 연속)
★ 2016.09 대한민국 소비자신뢰 대표브랜드 대상(6년 연속)
★ 2016.07 THE PROUD 고객가치 최우수 상품 수상(4년 연속)
★ 2016.07 올해의 브랜드 대상(4년 연속)
★ 2016.05 고용노동부 장관 감사패 수상
★ 2016.03 국민이 선택한 좋은 광고상 수상
★ 2016.03 행복더함 사회공헌대상
★ 2016.02 소비자가 뽑은 가장 신뢰하는 브랜드 대상 수상(5년 연속)
★ 2016.01 고객감동 경영대상 수상(3년 연속)
★ 2015.11 2015 앱어워드 코리아 올해의 앱
★ 2015.11 대한민국 광고대상 ‘동상’ 수상
★ 2015.10 2015 올해의 브랜드 대상(3년 연속)
★ 2015.09 2015 대한민국 소비자신뢰 대표브랜드 대상(5년 연속)
★ 2015.07 2015 대학생이 뽑은 아르바이트 포털 사이트 1위
★ 2015.06 2015 THE PROUD 고객가치 최우수 상품 수상
★ 2015.03 2015 행복더함 사회공헌대상 수상
★ 2015.02 2015 소비자가 뽑은 가장 신뢰하는 브랜드 대상 수상
★ 2015.01 2015 고객감동경영대상 수상

[앱 접근 권한 안내]
– 알바천국 앱에서 요청하는 모든 권한은 선택적 접근 권한으로, 동의하지 않아도 서비스 이용이 가능합니다.

1. 위치 (선택) : 지역 선택 시 현위치 선택 및 알바맵 사용 시 필요한 권한 입니다.
2. 저장공간 (선택) : 사진 또는 파일의 저장 및 등록 시 필요한 권한 입니다.
3. 카메라 (선택) : 알바매니저 QR 코드 사용 시 필요한 권한 입니다.
4. 전화 (선택) : 취업사기안심서비스 (실시간전화알림) 사용 시 필요한 권한 입니다.
개발자 연락처 :
서울시 강남구 테헤란로 322 (역삼동 한신인터밸리 24) 동관 20층
알바천국 고객센터 1661-2288
From Alba Heaven’s mobile app, check out the various Alba information including custom alba, regional alba, industry alba, short alba, brand alba, and alba map!

★ Alba Map and Alba ForU has become even more powerful! Alba Heaven App ★

[Main Features of Alba Paradise App]

1. Alba Heaven Home

We provide only the necessary information
– Local setting at home
– Custom Alba check available

2. Careers

Provide full recruitment of Alba Heaven
– Composition of menu grouped by each category
– Various job offers from local to customized alba

3. Talent Information

The bosses also provide a menu of talent information to identify and recruit talent on mobile

4. Alba ForU

Recommend only the announcement for you only!
By analyzing my inclination, I recommend a job announcement that is right for me.

5. Alba Story

I share my sympathy with everyone! Looking for friends! Mobile community service for worry-free counseling
– Alba review service where you can check reviews of places you want to visit.

6. Member Services

Personal information, support status, scrap and resume information at a glance
From company information to announcement management, applicant management, resume reading at a glance

7. Resume Registration

Registered resume optimized for mobile and more convenient

8. Registration

Registered to be more convenient mobile optimized

9. Membership

From sign-up to social sign-up, from individual members to corporate members
Anyone can become a member of Heaven.

★ 2018.03 ‘2018 Selected as No. 1 brand power of Korean industry (K-BP)
★ 2018.02 ‘Happy Contribution to 2018’ (6th consecutive year)
★ 2018.01 Excellence in Employment Service Certification (2018-2020)
                     2018 Customer Impression Management Award (5 consecutive years)
                     2018 Consumer’s Most Trusted Brand Award (7 consecutive years)
★ 2017.12 Smart App Awards 2017 eligible
                     The 14th WebEarth Korea Grand Prize
                     Seoul Video Festival 2017 Statue
★ 2017.09 ‘2017 Korea Consumer Confidence Representative Brand Award’ (7 consecutive years)
                     ‘2017 Brand of the Year’ (5 consecutive years)
★ 2017.07 ‘Internet Eco Award 2017 Grand Prize’
★ 2017.02 ‘2017 Happy Contribution to Social Contributions’ (for 5 consecutive years)
★ 2017.01 ‘The Most Trusted Brand Target of 2017 Consumers’ (6 consecutive years)
★ 2016.12 2016 Selected as ‘100 Best Companies to Work for Korea’
★ 2016.11 Awarded ‘Best Prize’ in PR image category of Korea PR
★ 2016.11 App Awards Korea ‘App of the Year’ (4 consecutive years)
★ 2016.09 Korea Consumer Confidence Representative Brand Award (6 consecutive years)
★ 2016.07 THE PROUD won the Best Value for Customer Value (4 consecutive years)
★ 2016.07 This year’s brand target (four consecutive years)
★ Appreciation plaque of Minister of Employment and Labor 2016.05
★ 2016.03 Good advertising prize chosen by the people
★ 2016.03 Happiness Contribution to Social Contribution
★ 2016.02 Awarded the most trusted brand by consumers (5 consecutive years)
★ 2016.01 Grand Prize for Customer Impression Management (3 consecutive years)
★ 2015.11 2015 App Awards Korea App of the Year
★ 2015.11 Awarded ‘Statue’ of Korea Advertising Grand Prize
★ 2015.10 2015 Brand of the Year Award (three consecutive years)
★ 2015.09 2015 Korea Consumer Confidence Representative Brand Grand Prize (5 consecutive years)
★ 2015.07 2015 1st place in the part-time portal site selected by college students
★ 2015.06 2015 THE PROUD Won the Best Value of Customer Value
★ 2015.03 2015 Happy Grand Prize Social Contribution Grand Prize
★ 2015.02 Awarded the most trustworthy brand grand prize of consumers
★ 2015.01 Awarded the Grand Prize of Customer Impression Management in 2015

[App Access Permission Guide]
 – All rights requested by Alba Paradise app are optional access, and you can use the service even if you do not agree.

1. Location (optional): When selecting a region This is the permission required to select the current location and use the alba map.
2. Storage (optional): Permission for saving and registering pictures or files.
3. Camera (optional): This is the authority required when using Alba Manager QR Code.
4. Phone (optional): This is the right to use the service for relieved employment (real-time phone notification).
– 사용자 옵션 설정 개선

App Information of 알바천국- 알바 구인구직 포털서비스

App Name 알바천국- 알바 구인구직 포털서비스
Package Name
Version 5.1.05
Rating ( 9201 )
Size 13.9 MB
Requirement Android 4.1+
Updated 2019-09-04
Installs 5,000,000+
Category Apps, Business

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